Careers advice

Our dedicated Careers Department offers bespoke support to each individual student.

Support and inspiration

Leavers 2019Our Careers Department work closely with students from Year 7 onwards. In Sixth Form, we offer tailored guidance and inspiration as each student selects their path for the future.

Our leaver destinations

Whether preparing for university, Further Education, an apprenticeship or employment, each student has access to a wide range of resources and expertise from exploring different options to practical help with CV writing and interview techniques.


Our Careers Department has excellent links with:

  • Prestigious universities
  • Specialist Further Education establishments, including Art Colleges
  • Organisations offering highly-regarded Apprenticeships

Through these connections, we are able to encourage our girls to aim high in which ever route they choose.

Work placements

In Sixth Form, all students undertake at least one work placement to gain valuable skills and to inform their decision-making.

Employers often comment on the impressive focus and can-do attitude of our students. In the past, girls have gained open invitations to return, offers of work, or made long-lasting contributions to products or services.

Our Cambridge location allows us to forge connections with many employers, across the East, as well as in London. We offer placements in dynamic small businesses through to world-leading organisations. Examples of some of our placement employers include Mott MacDonald, the Babraham Institute, Purcell Architects, Cheffins Fine Art, SOS Children's VillagesMicrosoft Research, the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University.

Our placements also span a diverse range of sectors, including:

  • Accountancy
  • Architecture
  • Archiving and curating
  • Charity work
  • Computer science
  • Finance and banking
  • HR
  • Law
  • Marketing and PR
  • Media, including Sky TV, BBC, local radio and newspapers
  • Medicine, nursing, therapies and healthcare sciences
  • Psychology research
  • Publishing
  • Surveying

InvestIN Partner Schools Programme

We were one of the first schools in the UK to become an InvestIN Partner School. This provides priority access to a range of immersive career experiences, for our students aged 15 to 18.

InvestIN experiences provide unique insights into key professions, including: investment banking, medicine, business, law, architecture, politics, journalism, engineering, psychology and computer science. InvestIN’s popular 1-day to 5-day programmes use interactive role play, seminars, case studies and Q&A sessions to deliver a 360-degree career experience.

St Mary’s girls have already experienced the positive benefits of InvestIN’s Young Engineer, Young Banker, Young Doctor, Young Lawyer and Young Business Leader programmes.

InvestIN complements St Mary’s holistic approach, which encourages girls to explore their personalities and passions, to make informed choices and to gain experiences that enable them to secure their future ambitions.

More about InvestIN