Chemistry outreach programme

At St Mary's, we have an established track record of encouraging girls to pursue STEM subjects beyond GCSE.

From Junior School through to Sixth Form, our engaging STEM curriculum, extra-curricular clubs and connections with STEM professionals enable girls to experience STEM in a myriad of ways.

Girls doing an experimentChemistry outreach programme

Educators have a vital role to play in encouraging those currently under-represented in STEM careers (including girls and those from lower socio-economic backgrounds) to feel that STEM is very definitely ‘for them’.

Research from King's College London highlights just how soon impressions of STEM subjects become fixed: “…the period between ages 10-14 is a critical time for the development of young people’s attitudes to science. By age 14, most young people’s attitudes to science are fairly fixed."

Working in partnership with local primary schools, our chemistry outreach programme aims to:

  • Inspire young people from a young age (primary school) to engage in STEM
  • Promote the real-life application of STEM and the diverse careers in this field
  • Encourage all young people to see STEM subjects/careers as being ‘for them
  • Establish collaboration and shared learning between teachers and students

Chemistry outreach (Years 4 and 5)

Supported by funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry our chemistry outreach programme is for children in local partner state primary schools, in Years 4 and 5.

The programme enables young people to experience working in a laboratory environment, usually for the first time. The children attend five practical, hands-on chemistry sessions, held in St Mary’s School science laboratories.

Through inspiring practical experiments linked to real-world contexts, the children explore how chemistry applies to different careers, as well as building team work, data analysis, presentation and writing skills.

This outreach programme was developed, and is led by, our Head of Chemistry and Science and supported by our Chemistry Technician - both of whom are passionate advocates for engaging young people in science.

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