Responsible citizens

Our approach to education instils a strong sense of responsibility towards others, and we encourage our young people to become responsible citizens, both in our local and global communities.

Development education

From Junior School to Sixth Form, we encourage students to explore the relationship between global issues and their everyday lives.

Development education is initiated in our Junior School curriculum. The values that underpin this moral and social philosophy reflect those of Mary Ward, and open up opportunities for girls to learn and, more importantly, engage with the world around them.

Issues such as poverty and hunger, unequal distribution of wealth and opportunity, environmental degradation and diminishing resources are some of the challenges our girls confront, investigate and ultimately act upon.

This may seem aspirational for such young learners, but by sowing seeds of discernment as early as possible, we equip girls with age-appropriate knowledge to stand up for a just, sustainable world.

Making a difference

From Junior School to Sixth Form, our girls reflect on their place in the world and discover the power they have to make a positive difference in the world. 

Our Christian ethos ensures charitable giving and values such as justice, serving others and hard work are all part of school life. Our girls champion causes that matter to them, by leading or joining in fundraising and awareness raising events for both local and global causes.

Charity at St Mary's

Planting eventAn environmentally-friendly community

We are committed to making sustainable, environmentally-friendly decisions which benefit our school community and set a good example for students.

Eco council

Our pro-active Eco-Council engages motivated students, who implement a range of initiatives, including:

Sustainability at St Mary's

Responsible citizens in action