At St Mary's we welcome girls with a broad range of academic abilities – it is an important part of our ethos, and we support each individual girl, including those with exceptional academic, musical, artistic or sporting abilities.


An inclusive school

Our approach to education is all about supporting each individual student, whatever her strengths and areas for development.

We are an inclusive school and welcome students who are enthusiastic, have a desire to learn and who will immerse themselves fully in school life. Our admissions process focuses much more with the potential of each girl's talents and interests than any achievements to date.

Learning support

Our dedicated Learning Support department, provides specialist guidance to our subject teachers and tutors. This enables all our staff to better meet a range of individual needs within mainstream lessons.

Where required, girls may be supported in-class by Learning Support Assistants or through seperate individual or small group support sessions. In all cases, the girls’ progress is monitored carefully and communicated clearly and regularly with our parents.

Our added-value

Our approach to learning has been shown to boost student grades at GCSE by, on average, more than half a grade.

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