Love of learning

St Mary's girls love learning

Across our Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form, our approach to learning sparks curiosity, inspires enterprise and encourages creativity. We help our girls to gain intellectual independence, to develop a passion for knowledge that lasts a lifetime.

Motivated to learn

We foster a love of learning that comes from within. Drawing on the psychology of Intrinsic Motivation, our approach encourages students to discover what motivates them. They learn because they enjoy it.

Driven by an internal sense of achievement, young people take reponsibility for their own behaviour and future. They want to do well for themselves – because it feels good – rather than seeking external rewards or avoiding punishment.

Of course, we do reward our students, celebrating milestones as they progress from Junior School through to Sixth Form and a clear, fair sanction system is in place to deal with negative behaviour.

An individual approach

Everything at St Mary’s is tailored to suit the learning style and needs of girls in a safe and nurturing environment. In small classes, we can offer exactly the right balance of support, inspiration and challenge to every student.

A broad and creative curriculum

From Reception onwards, we offer a creative curriculum that connects subjects in a way that reflects real life, enabling students to gain a broader academic understanding of how, and why, their learning is relevant to them.