A Level Classical Greek

Classical Greek

Explore life in Ancient Greece through some of the world’s earliest literature and see the ancient world through the eyes of some of its most influential thinkers. From the history of Herodotus and the philosophy of Plato to Homer’s Iliad and Euripides’ Medea - through a series of engaging texts, you will develop your language skills, building both vocabulary and word form.

Why St Mary’s

You will benefit from a supportive learning environment, working with Classical Greek teachers who are passionate about this dynamic subject which combines history, literature and language into one highly engaging qualification.

Our enriched learning opportunities can include:

  • Cambridge Classical Association lectures
  • The Cambridge Greek Play and other theatre trips
  • Cambridge University Classics A Level study days
  • Classics trip to Italy or Greece
  • Museum visits to view classical collections
  • Leading a Classics Club for younger students
  • Teacher surgeries to support your progress

Enabling your transition from GCSE

Our small class sizes ensure you have access to all the teaching support you need, tailored to suit your preferred learning styles. Regular teacher surgeries offer additional individual help and support, as required.

Throughout your course, you will have access to exceptional resources to support progress including JSTOR and MASSOLIT for scholarly articles on ancient literature and culture.

Course overview

A Level content

  • You will build your knowledge of vocabulary and linguistic structures through reading and studying prose and verse texts in Classical Greek. You will study a range of authors to develop linguistic competence.
  • You will study two Classical Greek prose literature set texts in depth, plus additional literature to understand the wider context of the texts.
  • You will study two Classical Greek Verse Literature set texts in depth, plus additional literature to understand the wider context of the texts.

AS Level content

The AS Level covers two components:

  • Language - You will build your knowledge of vocabulary and linguistic structures through reading and studying prose texts in Classical Greek to become familiar with the vocabulary in the Defined Vocabulary List and prescribed syntax and accidence.
  • Literature - You will study in depth one prose set text and one verse set text. Learners should have an awareness of the immediate literary context from which the set texts have been taken.


A Level

  • Paper 1: Unseen translation (1 hours 45 minutes) - 33% of total mark
  • Paper 2: Prose composition or comphrehension (1 hour 15 minutes) - 17% of total mark
  • Paper 3: Prose literature (2 hours) - 25% of total mark
  • Paper 4: Verse literature (2 hours) - 25% of total mark

AS Level

  • Language written paper (1 hour 30 minutes) - 50% of total mark
  • Literature written paper (2 hours) - 50% of total mark



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At a glance

Entry requirements

GCSE grades (or equivalent)

  • Greek - Grade 7
You will enjoy this course if you...
  • Love languages
  • Like analysing information
  • Have an interest in history
  • Are curious about society
  • Have a problem-solving approach
  • Enjoy debate and communicating ideas

What our teachers say...

"Classical Greek is a fascinating language. Through reading original texts we get the chance to appreciate the earliest Western literature and get an insight into a culture which, though very different from ours, has hugely influenced our society.’

“Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.” Plato

A Level Classical Greek is a study of literature, language and history and offers unique insights into human nature and the mistakes and successes of history.

Knowledge of this fascinating and complex ancient society, which shaped so much of today’s world, is key if we want to build a future that doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the past.

A Level Classical Greek encourages you to look at the big picture, to think analytically and to confidently communicate your own ideas and opinions – all skills that are great preparation for higher education. It is also interesting to note that GCHQ and MI5 seek to recruit Classicists because they develop an aptitude for code-breaking!

The University of Cambridge ranks Classicists as one of the most employable Arts graduates due to the wide range of transferable skills they possess. A Level Classical Greek opens up a wide range of inspiring career paths including law, journalism, politics, academia and the civil service.

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