Guardianship requirements for students without a family member in the UK.

Our guardianship requirements

All students who do not have a family member living in the UK are required to have a guardian in the UK. Where a family member is not available in the UK, we will not accept a student to St Mary's School, until a guardian is appointed.

Often, education agents include the arrangement of guardians in their service to families. Alternatively, families can apply direct to AEGIS. It is the responsibility of each family, and not the school, to ensure that the guardian is in place.

Guardians must:

  • Live within 50 miles of the school.
  • Be available to host the student during the school holidays, as well as in exceptional circumstances, such as owing to illness or disciplinary issues and must be fully responsible for making travel and accommodation arrangements for your daughter during these times.
  • Be able to communicate effectively with parents, the school and the student.
  • Be able to come to the school at short notice, if necessary.
  • Represent parents at parents' evenings and other school activities, which might normally be attended by parents.
BSA logoBSA certification

St Mary's School is a certified guardian with the Boarding Schools' Association. This provides assurance that we are working with educational guardians who offer the highest standards of safeguarding.

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