Girls aged 9 to 18 make their 'home away from home' in safe, modern accommodation at Mary Ward House.

Our boarders love living in Cambridge and boarding life at St Mary's is full of activities, friendship and fun.


A warm welcome from Miss Elliott our Head of Boarding

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“I love boarding because it is a home away from home. A place where I feel safe, secure and comfortable.”


“Time passes quickly! Being here is now like being in my second home; it gives me a warm feeling.”

Kiko L. Boarder

“If I have to summarise St Mary's boarding life in three words, they would be: empowered, exceptional and energetic.”

Julie C. Boarder

“The best part of boarding is that you get to live with people that are from different countries and speak different languages.”

Emmanualla N. Boarder

“Chloe is becoming much more settled, resilient and self-assured as she segues into the greater independence of her teenage years. We gladly ascribe this to her boarding experience ... and thank all staff at MWH and in the wider school too, for providing and supporting such a great facility.”

Ms G. Parent

“I love boarding because the staff are very supportive and they always know how to help you when you need it.”


“Boarding makes me feel like being in a big warm family. I love Mary Ward House!”


“I love boarding because I can take responsibility for myself and we all respect each other here.”


“I love boarding because the food here is really nice and there are lots of interesting activities. It also gives me a sense of home.”


“I love boarding because you make friends from all over the world and you are a big community.”