Senior School and Sixth Form Parent Survey

What our parents think

In an independent survey, RSAcademics asked our parents what they value most about St Mary's. Many features of our School were rated significantly higher than RSAcademics industry benchmark levels.

A recent independent survey conducted by RSAcademics offers real insight into the views of our parents.

RSAcademics reported that: "St Mary's is a high performing school which parents are happy to recommend to others. Parents feel the School offers a good rounded education in a supportive, welcoming environment with a strong focus on pastoral care."

Key findings
  • 81% of parents feel completely or very satisfied with our School

  • 92% would recommend St Mary's to other parents

  • 32% said St Mary's had exceeded their expectations

Our strengths

RSAcademics noted that: "Compared to the RSAcademics benchmark groups of other senior schools, many of the features at the School are rated significantly higher than average. These include pastoral care, teaching, communication, leadership and site security."

Parents were asked to rate 45 features of our School.

The top rating band was 'very good' and we were highly rated in a wide range of areas:

  • Concern for each girl's well-being - 94% rated very good or good
  • Behaviour and manners of pupils - 93% rated very good or good
  • Leadership of the School - 93% rated very good or good
  • Academic results - 91% rated very good or good
  • Range of academic subjects - 91% rated very good or good
  • Class sizes - 91% rated very good or good
  • Quality of teaching - 90% rated very good or good
  • Approachability of staff (to parents) - 90% rated very good or good
  • Creative/performing arts opportunities - 91% rated very good or good
  • **Boarding facilities - 91% rated very good or good

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** Fewer than 80% of respondents answered this question

Improving what matters

Our parent partnership is integral to our approach. By understanding parental views we focus on improving aspects of school life that matter most to our parents. Our latest survey illustrates how parental opinion has evolved in the two-year period prior to the research.

Significant % increases in very good ratings have been achieved for:

  • Quality of teaching: very good ratings up 16%
  • University advice and support: very good ratings up 12%
  • Home learning policies and arrangements: very good ratings up 12%
  • Concerns for daughter's well-being: very good ratings up 11%
  • Range of academic subjects on offer: very good ratings up 11%
Looking to the future

This research also identifies parental priorities for future enhancements, which will inform our strategic plans for the future and include:

  • Building on parent consultations to offer more in-depth feedback on student progress, reviewing Parent Evenings and reporting structures.
  • Continued priority placed on retaining and supporting our excellent teachers, through a detailed CPD plan.
  • Ensuring we continue to offer academic challenge and stretch. This includes High Performance Learning, plus our Academic Scholars programme, Extended Project Qualification (Sixth Form) and our subject range, as part of a well-rounded educational experience.

Survey response rate 54% of parents, across both day and boarding provision

Very good or good ratings
Academic results
Very good or good ratings
Class sizes
Very good or good ratings
School leadership
Very good or good ratings
Quality of teaching
Very good or good ratings
Pupil well-being

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Our Headmistress says...

"Working in partnership with our parents is integral to our approach. It is encouraging to see very high levels of parental satisfaction in this survey. The enhanced ratings in key areas since 2017, such as teaching quality, leadership, communication, university support and subject choice, show that by listening to parents, we can address the aspects of St Mary’s life that really matter to them."
Charlotte Avery, Headmistress

“Choosing St Mary's is the best decision we could have made. My daughters are both happy and thriving. Their love of learning is encouraged and fostered. Every day on our journey home I listen to my daughter's chatting excitedly and enthusiastically about what they have learned each day.”

Parent survey

“We love St Mary’s and the balanced education it offers our daughter who, in no small part due to the support and guidance of St Mary’s faculty and staff, has become a resilient, kind, and self-confident young woman.”

Parent survey

“Very glad we chose St Mary's because it has really nurtured their wellbeing, at a time when teenagers face more challenges than ever.”

Parent survey

“We are delighted with the school. Our daughter is very well cared for and the staff teach excellently. She is achieving excellent academic results and blossoming in a loving community.”

Parent survey

“We feel so lucky that we made this choice! My husband and I work in education and really do understand how St Mary's go the extra mile for the girls in their care.”

Parent survey