Pastoral care and happiness

At St Mary’s, every girl is known and happiness is important. That is why our pastoral care is second-to-none.

Happiness counts

Happiness is key to our health, relationships, our ability to perform, to think and to create. We believe that young people achieve their best if they are happy at school. We listen to our students and value their well-being. Our approach encourages a sense of community, support and compassion, from Junior School through to Sixth Form, as well for our boarders.

Our pastoral care

Our approach to pastoral care is grounded in love, respect and trust to create a secure environment full of joy, in which every girl is known.

Our nurturing approach encourages students to gain a sense of their own worth and promotes emotional well-being. We help them to build the courage and resilience required to realise their full potential.

In daily school life, we build a strong moral and spiritual framework based on our values as a Mary Ward School. This enables our students to explore, understand and manage the challenges of today’s society.

“St Mary’s offers a good community around you to fall back on, and teachers that genuinely care about you.” Emily, 6th Form

Girls on Board in Senior School

Chaplaincy in Junior School

Chaplaincy in Senior School

Chaplaincy in Sixth Form


“I feel they are known and loved and encouraged and already I can see the difference this has made to my daughters. Their confidence has soared since joining St Mary's.”

Junior School parent 2019

“Very glad we chose St Mary's because it has really nurtured their wellbeing, at a time when teenagers face more challenges than ever.”

Parent survey 2019