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We place a real priority on the happiness and well-being of our students. Girls on Board is a key part of our approach to pastoral care and it aims to empower our girls with the tools they need to solve their own friendship issues.

Girls on Board initiative was originally developed by Andrew Hampton, Headteacher of Thorpe Hall School. It is an approach that helps girls, their parents and teachers to understand the dynamics of girl friendships. It uses language, methods and ideas which enable girls to understand and address friendship challenges.

This innovative approach recognises that teachers and parents often have limited success when it comes to resolving conflict between girls. In fact, girls often report that involving adults only makes matters worse.

How it is used

The Girls on Board programme is a pro-active approach, which delivers sessions that bring girls together to explore key principles around friendship dynamics and challenges. 

Through these sessions, girls work together to understand that they all feel this way. They explore group dynamics, different personality types and behaviours and how to manage parent reactions.

Girls on Board enables girls to resolve issues more effectively and aims to minimise the impact of conflict when it does arise, by encouraging open, honest and effective communication. 

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