Sport for all

Encouraging healthy, active lifestyles from day one.

Sport in our curriculum

  • Reception girls participate in gym activities once a week, complemented with daily movement activity sessions of up to 20 minutes.
  • Year 1 and Year 2 girls take gym and dance classes once a week, taught by specialist teachers, plus movement activities and sport with their class teacher.
  • In Years 3 to 6 girls have two and a half hours of sport each week, at Long Road, including athletics, dance, gymnastics, hockey, netball and rounders. They also enjoy swimming and plenty of extra-curricular clubs.

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Sport and girls

Reframing Sport a research report from UK charity, Women in Sport highlights the critical relationship between sport and self-worth, confidence and body image in young girls. The positive impact of our ‘Sport for All’ policy is evident in some of the findings of a recent student survey conducted in our Senior School to further understand how St Mary's girls experience sport:

  • 88% of St Mary’s girls enjoy PE versus 49% in Reframing Sport
  • 97% of St Mary’s girls believe exercise is important versus 56% in Reframing Sport

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