Our curriculum

We offer a rich, varied curriculum that allows young people to connect subjects as they become creative, critical thinkers.

Our curriculum

Our balanced, broad curriculum, provides students a myriad of opportunities to engage in the Arts and Languages, STEM subjects, the Humanities and Sport. This balance is reflected in our strong academic results across all subjects.

Teachers are passionate about their subjects and collaborate to deliver cross-curricular learning experiences that reflect 'real life'. Our curriculum is split into a pre-GCSE (ages 11 to 14 / Years 7 to 9), and GCSE curriculum (ages 14 to 16 / Years 10 and 11).


Aiming high

As a High Performance Learning School, our approach is about enabling every girl to unlock her full potential. Progress is carefully monitored and communicated to students and parents. Students are given opportunities to extend their talents, through extra-curricular learning that goes beyond the curriculum.

We are an inclusive school focused on supporting the individual, whatever her strengths and areas for development. If students require additional support, our exceptional Learning Support department provides guidance to subject teachers and tutors on how to offer additional individual or small group support.


Homework provides an opportunity to reinforce and consolidate the day’s learning as well as playing an important role in students being intellectually challenged by providing an opportunity for girls to develop a deeper subject understanding and to practise the skills of unsupported study and independent learning. Our teachers set homework that is engaging and enjoyable; they are available before and after school, or at morning break and lunchtime, to answer queries and support the girls in their work.

Timetables for homework are provided in advance so that students and their parents are aware of how much time should be set aside for study beyond the school day. The schedule provides assurance that the girls are not overloaded with work; they are able to effectively manage the workload simply by adhering to the schedule since they are encouraged to work only for as long as specified.