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St Mary's School Appoints Rebecca Landshoff as New Head of Sixth Form

St Mary's School Appoints Rebecca Landshoff as New Head of Sixth Form

St Mary's School, Cambridge is pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca Landshoff as the new Head of Sixth Form. With a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted connection to St Mary's School, Rebecca brings a unique blend of expertise, passion and vision to her new role.

Rebecca's journey at St Mary's School began in September 2016 when she joined the teaching staff as Head of Technology. However, her ties to the School run even deeper, as she was a pupil from the first year of the Junior School until she completed her A Levels. Prior to her tenure at St Mary's, Rebecca held the position of Head of Food and Nutrition at her previous school, leveraging her background in the catering and wine industries to ignite her love for teaching.

Fuelled by her lifelong passion for food and nutrition, Rebecca has dedicated herself to fostering a love for the subject among her students. Her highlights at St Mary's include witnessing the growing enthusiasm for the subject and introducing the Leiths Introductory Certificate in the Sixth Form, a course that emphasises flavour, skills, and a love for quality ingredients. As a Senior Tutor for almost three years, Rebecca played a pivotal role in bridging the gap to the Senior Leadership Team and her role was intricately connected with other key positions such as Head of Boarding and Director of Christian Life. During her tenure, Rebecca spearheaded the development of the current PSHEE programme and has been collaborating with the Heads of Year in the Senior School to establish a cohesive pastoral support programme for both parents and students, ensuring consistent assistance and guidance throughout the academic year.

In her new role as Head of Sixth Form, Rebecca is eager to continue nurturing the academic and personal development of St Mary's students. She is committed to providing a supportive and empowering environment where students can thrive and explore their passions.

Rebecca Landshoff steps into her new role of Head of Sixth Form in the summer term, she says

I believe that the sixth form years are a crucial time for students to develop both individually and as part of a supportive community. My vision for the sixth form at St Mary's is to foster an environment where teamwork and independent learning are not only encouraged but celebrated. By empowering our students to collaborate, take ownership of their learning, and support each other, we can cultivate a culture of growth, resilience, and academic excellence.

Outside of teaching, Rebecca's interests include cooking, travel, reading, and exercise. She encourages her students to embrace change and follow their passions, drawing from her own experience of changing her university degree to pursue her true calling.

St Mary's School is delighted to welcome Rebecca Landshoff as the new Head of Sixth Form and looks forward to the continued growth and success of its students under her leadership.