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Sports Day Success

Sports Day Success

On 20 June, the Senior School gathered for a highlight of our summer term – our Sports Day. This gathers all year groups to take part in sports challenges, encompassing our aim of ‘sport for all’. This Sports Day was particularly special, marking our first since the official opening of Long Road Sports Ground.

The girls enjoyed perfect weather and a range of activities, from tug of war and long jump, to races and netball.

We’d like to thank all our students and staff for making this day such a success. Please see below for the full results.



1st – Paston

2nd – Cavendish @girlsschools Global Forum on Girls' Education

3rd - Brookside

4th – Elms


1st – Paston

2nd – Elms

3rd - Cavendish

4th – Brookside


1st – Elms

2nd – Cavendish

3rd - Paston

4th – Brookside


1st – Cavendish

2nd – Paston

3rd - Elms

4th – Brookside

Overall results:

1st – Paston (1919)

2nd – Cavendish (1914)

3rd – Elms (1664)

4th – Brookside (1219)