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Recent alumnae exhibit work at the annual Michaelhouse Sixth Form Art Exhibition

Recent alumnae exhibit work at the annual Michaelhouse Sixth Form Art Exhibition

St Mary's alumnae, Laura C. and Daria S. were delighted to be selected to be part of the Michaelhouse Sixth Form Art Exhibition which celebrates talented young artists from across the city of Cambridge.

The exhibition, which ran from 17 to 29 October, is hosted by the Cambridge Drawing Society, the Arts Society Granta and the Arts Society Cambridge, with work selected from a variety of local Sixth Forms.

Newcastle by Laura C. (Mixed media: silkscreen print, card, rose gold leaf)

"This piece was created in response to a trip to Newcastle, a city that I admire and have a personal connection with. Having studied the work of artists such as Christa Rijneveld, Marnie Karger, and Derek Lerner; and being an avid geographer, I wanted to capture the topography, forms, and features of the city. I felt the circular design seemed to encapsulate the map of Newcastle in an aesthetic way, creating a sense of balance amongst the chaos of the tiny streets, roads, and rivers. The rose gold leaf (representing the population of Newcastle) adds decadence to the image and contrasts against the blue topography of the city, which all nestle on top of a geographical silkscreened map." Laura C.

Dancing Koi-Carp Dancing Koi-Carp by Daria S. (Mixed media: Indian ink, sumi ink, gold leaf, silver leaf)

"This piece was created in response to researching and analysing the work of the artist Katsushika Hokusai and studying Japanese sumi-e ink techniques. I focused my attention on the concept of the Koi-Carp and its symbolism in Japanese art. Their associations with good fortune, luck, and love (koi is another word for love in Japanese) made them a great focal point for my sumi-e creation. By composing my image of the two carp in a circular pattern the image has a sense of symmetry and represents companionship and love. This gold and silver leaf act as light sources in the picture, representing joy." Daria S.

Having completed their A Level studies at St Mary's in June 2022, both students have now embarked on their university courses. Laura C. is studying Architecture and Urban Planning, and Daria S. has begun her Art Foundation Course.

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