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Junior School Young Coders computer game ranked in national 'Top 50'

Junior School Young Coders computer game ranked in national  'Top 50'

The results are now in for the Young Coders Competition 2024, for which our team of Year 6 girls, (calling themselves the CodingGalz) submitted their entry back in May!

This is a national competition for children in Years 4-8 to design and code an interactive computer game, using the ‘Scratch’ programming language, to teach children about this year’s theme, ‘Time and Space’.  The girls have worked on this project independently, in their own time during evenings and weekends, keeping in touch and collaborating via Microsoft Teams.  

We are delighted to now hear that their game has been classified as a ‘Top 50 Game’ out of almost 600 entries nationwide.  

The judges' feedback was as follows:

  • Lots of instructions and credits. The game works as intended and is easy to play. The game is very attractive and imaginative. Good connection to space and PEGI 7 compliant.
  • The game responded to the prompts as per instructions, so I would say the game works fine. I enjoyed the different planets I had to visit and also enjoyed dodging the asteroids and removing the aliens, earning more points. It is PEGI 7 compliant and fits into the theme.
  • The game works really well and is easy to play, the code is also well written. The graphics used tie in with the theme really well and the instructions are very clear.
  • I love the clear introduction and instructions. A very detailed game with really good code which plays well and covers the requirements well. Love the constellations which is a really clever idea. Super stuff!

Try out our Year 6's game for yourself - 'Space Adventure'

Many congratulations to Amy B., Molly C., Molly S., and Aanoushka T. for their creativity, maturity, teamwork and, not least, their coding skills.