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Josephine G. shines as a top performer in the Hamilton Stage of the Intermediate Maths Challenge

Josephine G. shines as a top performer in the Hamilton Stage of the Intermediate Maths Challenge

Josephine, a senior school student, recently conquered the Hamilton stage of the intermediate maths challenge, achieving a score that is 45% above the Distinction grade boundary. A score that is only achieved by approximately 1 in 700 students in the challenge. 

The Intermediate Mathematical Challenge is a 60-minute test comprising 25 multiple-choice questions. It aims to foster mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency, prompting students to engage in critical thinking. The Hamilton Olympiad, an invitation-only challenge, is a subsequent stage of the Intermediate Maths Challenge. Participation entails a rigorous 2-hour competition comprising six Olympiad-style problems. 

Josephine, armed with her mathematical prowess and unwavering determination, tackled the two-hour examination with precision and finesse. Josephine emerged as the top performer in the School, exceeding students across year groups 9 to 11, earning herself a well-deserved Distinction. Her impressive achievement is a testament to her hard work, intellect, and unwavering commitment to maths excellence. 

Josephine shared her experience of the challenge,

"The maths challenge was a really good experience, my teachers were very supportive of me when I was preparing for the competition. It was a lot more challenging than I expected, but it felt great when I could work out a question. To Prepare for the challenge I did all their past papers from 2015-2023. I would definitely encourage others to apply in the future." 

Paddy Wallace, our Head of Academics, expressed,

"To achieve a distinction in a Hamilton Olympiad is an exceptional achievement, it is truly impressive. Josephine's accomplishment is a testament to her exceptional talent and dedication to her studies." 

As we celebrate Josephine's remarkable achievement, we look forward to reporting back on the upcoming maths and educational tournaments that our students eagerly partake in throughout the year.