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Christmas Tree House Decoration Competition

Christmas Tree House Decoration Competition

Earlier on this month we kicked off the festive season with our House Christmas tree design competition. 

The House Christmas tree decorating competition saw Key Stage 3 students crafting decorations for their respective house trees, drawing inspiration from their house colours and motifs. The adorned trees showcased Blue Brookside Swans, Yellow Paston Eagles, Red Cavendish Owls, and Green Elms Peacocks. After much creativity and effort, the competition results unfolded as follows: 

  • Winner: Poppy B. from Year 7, representing Brookside with a stunning display titled "Bubble Swans." 

  • Second Place: Diya. S from Year 9, proudly representing Cavendish with a festive touch in the form of a "Santa Hat." 

  • Third Place: Elizabeth W. from Year 7, showcasing Paston with the charming "Eddie the Eagle." 

These four beautifully adorned trees welcome guests as they enter through the cortile surrounding a central nativity display. This arrangement serves to commemorate the joy of the festive season and the Christian celebration of Christmas.  

We encourage students to express and explore their creativity and develop their artistic flares through a variety of projects here at the school across all years. 

Following the setup, students have the opportunity to vote for their favourite tree, revelling in the beauty of the decorations as they stroll through the cortile. The tree with the most house point votes will win points for their house. Take a look at the finished trees