Year 7 maths whizz celebrates national competition success

Year 7 maths whizz celebrates national competition success

A St Mary’s Year 7 student has gained a Certificate of Merit in a national maths competition after scoring an impressive 102 marks - putting her in the top 25% of participating students nationwide.

Diya S. was invited to take part in the Junior Kangaroo Challenge after scoring 106 marks out of a possible 135 in the first stage of the Junior Mathematical Challenge back in April of this year. She then sat the 60-minute follow-on challenge on the 14th June, which consisted of multiple choice questions with 25 problems to solve.

The Junior Mathematical Challenge saw around 300,000 students take part from across the UK and, out of those participating pupils, only around 8,000 of the very highest performers went on to take part in the Kangaroo stage of the competition. Entry to the Kangaroo Challenge was by invitation only and based on qualifying scores.  The competition was open to pupils in Year 8 and below in England and Wales, S2 or below in Scotland, and Year 9 or below in Northern Ireland.

Charlotte Avery, Headmistress at St Mary’s School, said:

“We are all very proud of Diya and her incredible mathematical achievement. To be invited to take on the Kangaroo Challenge is a huge accomplishment in itself and we congratulate her on her exceptional results she went on to achieve. Well done Diya!”

Diya also recently won the Year 7 Governors' Prize for Excellence at our Prize Giving ceremony 2022, and she is pictured here with her trophy.

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