Year 11 get top exam tips at 'Science Live'

Year 11 get top exam tips at 'Science Live'

Our current Year 11 recently went on a trip to the Corn Exchange, Cambridge to hear from five speakers - including two on exam success - at Science Live!

The students heard from five speakers, all scientists, including:

  • Dr Giles Yeo - who passionately explained the genetic link to obesity and how some people are indeed more likely to develop obesity than others, due to their genes
  • Doctor Hannah Critchlow - who connected a volunteers brain to a display and explained all the different waves and how these can be altered by simple movements and thoughts
  • Professor Alice Roberts - who explained some of the significant features you can identify from a excavated human skeleton
  • Professor Jim Al-Khalili explained whether time travel into the past or the future is possible, with wormholes
  • Professor Andrea Sella - who was particularly inspiring doing chemical reactions on stage and explained how if you get the rules of chemistry right, it's possible to explain patterns of the natural world. 

Not only was it an excellent opportunity to get out of our classrooms and visit an event solely focussed on science, but as part of the trip the girls experienced two examiner sessions which gave them all top tips on how to succeed in the up-coming GCSE Science exams. 

Many thanks to our teaching staff for enabling the girls to have this invaluable experience.

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