Festive Fizz - the highlights from a fabulous evening with alumnae

Festive Fizz - the highlights from a fabulous evening with alumnae

In the week before Christmas, we were delighted to welcome back a whole host of joyful alumnae for our annual ‘Festive Fizz’, where catching up with friends, laughing and sipping a glass of fizz were the order of the evening.

The last five years’ worth of leavers were invited, and it was a delight to see so many returning to enjoy the headmistress’ study, steeped in twinkling lights and festive atmosphere.
The daily ‘BeReal’ two-minute window was celebrated in a flurry of photos, and for one guest who was unable to attend as she is currently finishing her degree in Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, a video call from Belgium meant she could still feel part of the throng!
Here are some snippets of the news being shared during the evening, in case you missed it:

Two are studying medicine

An alumna is still local and is running the IT at a Cambridge languages school

One has finished her degree in Psychology at Manchester and is working with children with special needs

Another is doing an International Development Masters at SOAS,

A Masters in Finance and Accounting at Manchester is also under way

An alumna on a gap year has been offered a place at Oxford

With her music degree at St John’s, Durham completed, an alumna is now studying for a Masters in London

Our paramedic alumna came straight from a busy shift to be at Festive Fizz

Two gatecrashers slightly out of the age bracket were heard saying they are coming back every year. Forever!

Another is teaching English and also writing a book.


With teachers and past students busy catching up, it was a lovely evening, with plenty of thank yous and ‘can we do this again next year please’ as guests left with their candy canes and mini St Mary’s teddy bears.

Same again next year? We at St Marys can’t wait!

If you were there, and want to check out the photos, then visit Pastonians Connect - our site for St Mary's alumnae.