Year 3 and 4 dazzle in Peter Pan

Year 3 and 4 dazzle in Peter Pan

Over the past few weeks, Year 3 and 4 have been busily rehearsing their class play, Peter Pan. This classic musical, full of memorable songs, tells the story of the Darling family children who fly away with Peter Pan and his fairy, Tinkerbell, to Neverland, a fantasy island inhabited by pirates, crocodiles, and a band of wild but loveable Lost Boys. From 15 to 18 March, the children staged the play in four shows before audiences of parents and students. Their hard work paid off, as the central theme of growing up and the importance of family clearly resonated with their audience, brought to life by their heart-felt and vivid performances.

Anthea and Maya were mesmerising as Peter Pan, moving the audience with songs like Do you believe, while Felicity and Anoushka S. brought Wendy Darling’s part to life with great maturity. Wendy’s caring disposition played the counterpart to Tinkerbell’s audaciousness. Joy captured the character perfectly, making the audience laugh at her one-liners, often punctuated with an eyeroll. Isadora and Aanoushka T. were charismatic Captain Hooks, making the most of his signature wordplay. Meanwhile Hook’s crew, and especially Starkey, played by Lola, and Smee, played by Molly and Anati, provided comedic relief.

These performances were made even more striking by the lighting and sound effects produced by the Year 6 technical crew. During Peter Pan and Captain Hook’s final showdown, the hall rang out with the sound of clashing swords, while in other scenes colourful lights twinkled to represent the effects of fairy dust. Indeed, the crew clearly loved working on this play, and could often be found singing along to their favourite musical numbers before the audience arrived.

We would like to thank Mrs Lavoie, Mrs Freebairn, Mrs Dudley and Mr Severy for all the effort that they put into making this production a success, and all the parents who helped provide costumes and learn lines at home.