Year 5: Introduction to Physical Computing Day

Year 5: Introduction to Physical Computing Day

Year 5 students were engrossed in technology this week, when they participated in an 'Introduction to Physical Computing Day' hosted by the BT Schools Enrichment Team at their headquarters in Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. 

The day consisted of a carousel of activities introducing the girls to various aspects of physical computing, as well as an opportunity to visit the behind-the-scenes 'BT Future Technologies Showcases', which are not open to the public.  

The girls learnt how to code Edison and Crumble Robots to accomplish a variety of complex tasks, and also coded Micro:Bits to send and receive messages via Bluetooth and play music! 

During the Showcase Tour they visited a hospital and shop of the future; experienced the latest virtual reality equipment and 3D display screens; explored a fully immersive and interactive learning space; learnt about fibre-optic technology and explored the possible future uses of automated recognition software to identify safety hazards and the need for PPE. 

Finally, as if that wasn't enough technology, they had their Participation Certificate presented to them by a ‘Double’ robot!

The girls were complemented by the staff and volunteers manning the various activities, for their coding skills, intelligent questions and the high levels of interest and enthusiasm that they displayed throughout the visit.

See the gallery of photos from the day.

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