Punting - the perfect post-exam wind down

Punting - the perfect post-exam wind down

Cambridge it might be argued, is the world capital of education (there is another place I am told to the West of here, but I digress) and what could be more iconically ‘Cambridge’ than a punt on the Cam? It was an evening of relaxed celebration for Year 12 and their tutors to mark the end of a busy but successful year.

The class of 2024 have been outstanding this year – throwing themselves into every opportunity, beating expectations, working hard and investing in their futures with confidence. I have been so impressed with their determination to seize every opportunity following a Covid-eclipsed couple of years. What a typically ‘St Mary’s’ response to adversity. Our 6th is all about personal investment yielding dividends and our punting trip was one such return.

We were looked after by our Scudamore’s guides who showed an encyclopaedic knowledge not only of the Cambridge landmarks, but also of the various student misdemeanours. A particularly egregious example: labelling the inside of the ancient wooden door (used to unload provisions from boats on the river) with a ‘Fire Escape’ sign and then sounding the alarm in the night. Cue a cohort of soaked and bemused freshers. I know, I was equally shocked and appalled…

Pizza on the green after a gruelling laze up and down the river was a welcome chance to reflect on the social year: karting, bowling, socials. As the saying goes, we have worked hard and played hard and we will be back next year with more and better. Trampolining, inter-house Crazy Golf and water park have all been suggested. Of course, next year will be the 6th form review and the leavers' ball and the chance for more great memories of the St Mary’s 6th.

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