Former student returns to the classroom as professional photographer

Former student returns to the classroom as professional photographer

This week, we were privileged to welcome Daisy Dickinson, a former photography student and, as of this summer, alumna of St. Mary's School, back into our classroom. She returned to share her expertise in film and photography with our current Year 12 and 13 photography and art students during one of our enlightening ‘Learning Lunch’ sessions. Daisy's professional journey so far has led her to employment with Island Records, where she creates content for musicians, with a particular focus on the talented Dylan . 

Her career has taken her to various corners of Europe and the UK, where she has had the incredible opportunity to document music festivals and live performances. During her visit, Daisy shared her insights on how she successfully entered this exciting field, offering valuable advice on the safest and most strategic approach for aspiring young photographers. She also delved into the essential camera equipment and recommended lenses suitable for this kind of work. 


Daisy's top tip:

"Watch out for opportunitites: don't wait for them to come to you but go out and find them! I made connections and worked hard to foster and develop them - and it was one of these that helped me to get to where I am now".

She also contacted more than 100 bands to get free passes to take photographs for her portfolio - and with only around 10% of her emails resulting in a response, determination was key.

Sarah E, Year 13 A Level Photographer, said:

"Her talk was informative and realistic about how to get into such an industry as a young female photographer.” 

Ms Conroy, Head of Art, said: 

"It's always a great honour to have our alumnae return, and Daisy's presentation was particularly relevant, aligning with the ongoing initiatives in the music industry to promote the inclusion of young female photographers, artists, and stage crew, as part of their collective commitment to addressing equality within their field." 

Check out Daisy’s website here.