Award winning Jurassic dino egg returns to the St Mary's nest

Award winning Jurassic dino egg returns to the St Mary's nest

A long, long time ago, (April) when dinosaurs roamed freely in the Grand Arcade Shopping Centre in Cambridge, a little-known species, Mazzasaurus, was spotted, emerging from her Jurassic-sized egg. With her beady eye peering out through a crack in the shell she watched quietly as shoppers wandered innocently by.

Thanks to the votes of those homo sapiens (or should we call them snacks), Mazzasaurus - an affectionate play on the name of St Mary's - won the Grand Arcade Jurassic Egg Competition and went on to continue her incubation in pride of place at the Sedgewick Museum.

Her egg is now back home, in the science block at St Mary's for all to see and marvel at. Mazzasaurus herself, so the story goes, now roams the corridors in search of procrastination and mobile phones...

Design and creation of the incredible egg was carried out by; Ziren S., Elena B., Charlotte C., Gemma M., Madeleine H., Emme M., Bea H., Mercedes K., Temperance K., Emily R., Lydia G., Nina M., Maya T., Charlotte A., and Maia B.

Our Sixth Form Art Scholars, Sara I-B., Amie B. and Grace M. were on hand for supervision and guidance.


Read more about Mazzasaurus, St Mary's own carnosaurian theropod, here.

Illustration by Tilly Pettitt, St Mary's Art Department.