Law A Level

A Level Law

Discover more about the legal system and how it helps define a society’s values. Learn how the law is deployed to solve problems and disputes and explore the relationship between law, society and the individual.

Why St Mary’s

Explore this fascinating subject, inspired by subject-specialist teachers.

A Level Law develops a unique set of skills, including:

  • Competence in using legal skills
  • Analysis of different scenarios in terms of legal issues
  • Formulating legal arguments and applying legal rules and principles to different situations
  • Construct clear, logical and persuasive legal arguments
  • Explore and consider different perspectives and apply counter arguments



Course overview

There are five units within this course. Units one, two, and three are mandatory:

  • The nature of law and the English legal system
  • Criminal law
  • Tort

We will choose to study either unit four or five:

  • Law of contract
  • Human rights


This A Level is assessed by three written examinations. Each exam is 2 hours long, covering a mix of multiple-choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

  1. Paper 1: The nature of law and the English legal system. (25 marks) and Criminal law (75 marks)
  2. Paper 2: The nature of law and the English legal system. (25 marks) and Tort (75 marks)
  3. Paper 3: The nature of law and the English legal system. (25 marks) and the law of contract OR human rights (75 marks)
At a glance
  • Syllabus: AQA
  • 3 written examinations
  • Develop new skills
  • Extend critical thinking and analysis
"Law is not law if it violates the principles of eternal justice." Lydia Maria Child

Studying law develops a unique perspective on society and all aspects of human life. It sharpens logical reasoning and critical thinking skills, and the ability to analyse and decode complex legal processes.

Lawyers influence and change our world, in their role of advocates for justice, in representing individuals and corporations in civil trials and in challenging injustice. By working with clients, they advise people on their individual rights and help them to navigate the legal system - often at times of great challenge and difficulty.

A Level Law creates a pathway for studying law at university, but it is also excellent preparation for a wider range of subjects including sociology, criminology, politics and business.

Future career roles include working as a lawyer in the public or community sector, judges, barristers, politicians, academics or solicitors in leading law firms. Law students also commonly enter law enforcement, business, public service professions or human resources.

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